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Edition #6

Compound Element

Thumbnail: Compound Element

Diffuse, diverse, always expanding, and always rising, that’s GAS. And no, we’re not talking about the price of petrol here, but the latest art exhibition to hit the Australian gallery circuit. Organiser Andrew Chew introduces the GAS Exhibition and tells us what to expect, or should that be what not to expect…

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Prize Assortment

Thumbnail: Prize assortment

History never repeats. At least that’s what they say. But that’s not to say that what goes around doesn’t always come around though. Sydney web developer Bruce Harris introduces us to some of the twentieth century’s key historical figures and their roles, in shaping our recent history…

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Your Space or Mine?

Thumbnail: Your space or mine

Anybody who’s anyone is a member, and with over 100 million users you’re uncool if you’re not in the club (I’d better sign up). In case you haven’t guessed, we’re talking about MySpace. But how do you stand out, and mix it with the cool? We consult Sydney MySpace guru John Pospisil…

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Edition #5

Double Exposure

Thumbnail: Double Exposure

It’s not everyday photographers can expect to have their works turned into images the size of bedsheets and displayed in Sydney’s Hyde Park, as Kelly Mitchell has. She tell us about her work, and the struggle facing new and emerging photographers to gain exposure for their work…

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Theme Machine

Thumbnail: Theme Machine

Melbourne designer Michael Dawidowicz’s “Urban Collective” project has taken him places. Established while working in Japan, Michael has since travelled to Malaysia and the USA on the project’s coat tails. And with designers from over 80 countries participating, maybe more travel is on the cards…

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In the Picture

Thumbnail: In the Picture

Sydney designer Brad Eastman used to be able to count the Australian artists and photographers he knew on one hand and have fingers left over. That almost changed overnight however when he invited creatives Australia wide to have their work featured on “We Are The Image Makers”…

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Edition #4

Banner Advocates

Thumbnail: Banner Advocates

Banner ads are possibly the most under appreciated form of motion and interactive design, and while it may be sometime before we see an awards night created in their honour, that hasn’t stopped two Sydney designers from doing the next best thing, and generating a little banner ad love…

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Striking a Chord

Thumbnail: Striking a chord

The story of an online newsletter that started life in May 2005 as an email attachment sent to only a handful of people, but now has almost 7000 readers weekly, is enough to make any independent publisher envious. We go back stage and tap into the beat that is “Lost At E Minor”…

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West of Field

Thumbnail: West of Field

Those who thought the best Australian art could only be found on the east coast had better think again. Perth designer Petar Ceklic shines a spot light onto Western Australian art, and brings some amazing artists, and their work, into view…

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