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Listen to the Music

Text by John Lampard

When it comes to finding something to motivate or inspire us, few people can go passed putting some music on. Whether it’s upbeat or soothing, it’s usually enough to perk up our creativity and push us on to achieve whatever we’re trying to do.

For Brisbane based artist Andre Piguet however, music did just a little bit more, it played a big part in inspiring his career choice.

“Everything basically grew from music. It was a natural progression to go from a love of music to a love of art. They go hand in hand for me.”

Artwork by Andre Piguet
“Runner” © Andre Piguet

Although he has only been creating art for a relatively short time, the desire to do so has been with him most of his life.

“I don’t know if there was any specific moment when I knew this was a direction I could head in. I’m one of those people (for better or worse) that’s probably never going to be able to stick to a solid path. I have constant itchy feet. All I really know is that I believe whole heartedly in what I do.”

For a long time though making a life as an artist was something that seemed almost implausible, until it actually happened.

“The only difference between now and then is that now I realise that art is something that’s a possibility, whereas when I was younger it was this distant, unreachable thing that I could never really begin to identify with.”

Artwork by Andre Piguet
“Pyramid” © Andre Piguet

Although Andre’s preferred medium is painting, his work also includes elements of sketches, drawing, installation, and photography. In fact Andre is somewhat reluctant to choose a specific medium to focus on.

“Primarily I paint, but more often than not, photographic based mediums or sketches can be far more powerful than I could ever hope to achieve through painting. I never want to get to the stage where I close off an avenue or medium because it doesn’t fit in with what I usually do.”

Rather than work to a definite idea, or even with any specific outcome in mind, methods some artists might find counter productive, Andre seems to thrive on the unexpected.

Artwork by Andre Piguet
“Gyro” © Andre Piguet

“A majority of the painting work is born of frustration and accident. The best stuff always happens when I work quickly and don’t allow myself the time to think to much about what I’m doing. It’s so easy to overdo things, and it’s a fine line knowing when to stop.”

And working quickly is also something Andre thrives on. Last February, together with Catherine Sagin, Andre held his first exhibition, IN THE RED. At first he intended displaying previously completed works, but a matter of weeks before the opening, he had other ideas.

“I had been slowly painting throughout the year up until the show, but a few weeks before I decided to scrap everything and work from the ground up for three weeks with totally new stuff. I didn’t sleep much.”

Artwork by Andre Piguet
“Horn” © Andre Piguet

“It was this really frantic creative frenzy which managed to produce work that in my eyes a big leap from any I had done previously. The paint was literally still drying as we installed the show!”

While anything could happen next, Andre sees “travel and art” in the more immediate future, as well one or two photographic books, and some more collaborations.

“I’m heading to New York at the end of the year with a couple of friends and road tripping across the country. A solo show in the next year or so is definitely a major goal.”