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Edition #9

Listen to the music

Thumbnail: Listen to the music!

I often put music on when faced with a difficult or tedious task, or just need a little motivation or inspiration while working. I should have thought more about the big picture though, and allowed music to inspire some career direction, which was the case for Brisbane artist Andre Piguet…

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Comic Adaptation


“Life is lived in the everyday”, or so the saying goes. It was that sort of thinking that inspired Sydney comic artist, Matthew Huynh, in his work for a recent exhibition and book launch. Matt tells us about how he became a comic artist, as well as offering some insights into the Australian comic scene…

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Second Life

Thumbnail: Second Life

What are people really thinking? Do you think you know the thoughts of someone you have been close to for years? I mean really know? Everyone has a “hidden life” though, a world of thoughts that we seldom reveal to any one person. The global internet audience can be an exception though…

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Edition #8

Year of the Teddy Bear

Thumbnail: Year of the Teddy Bear

Lock up your teddy bears! No, it’s not because a certain rock band (who refuse to retire) is about to visit town again, this is a little scarier. Akina, the “villain with a button fetish” is on the look out for your teddy bears. Here’s one character who has some explaining to do I think…

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Outside the Collage

Thumbnail: Outside the collage

Here’s a new philosophy for artists to adopt: only allow the disappointment of having a work or idea rejected to last ten minutes. And then move onto something else. Sydneysider David Capra lives by the approach and has gone on to have his work recognised both at home and abroad…

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Distilling History

Thumbnail: Distilling History

We all know someone who is a hoarder. Someone who can’t resist finding something and keeping it. “In case it comes in handy one day!” As most of us know, that’s like waiting for the cows to come home! A Canberra creative duo however have found a unique way to put their hoardings to good use…

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Edition #7

Best of the West

Thumbnail: Best of the West

It’s WAWAs night, and web geeks, you know what that means. Time to haul your dinner suit or cocktail dress out of mothballs and look presentable for one night of the year! And that’s surely a small price to pay for an evening of wining and dining, while applauding Western Australia’s best web designers…

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A World of his Own

Thumbnail: A World of his Own

An imminent physicist once said “imagination is more important than knowledge”, and while Luke Feldman’s fired up imagination may not advance the cause of physics a great deal, it’s certainly taking the expatriate Victorian designer, and those viewing his artworks, to some interesting places…

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Heavy on Talent

Thumbnail: Heavy on Talent

It’s a dilemma that could only confront a geek. You’ve arrived in a foreign city, with a new laptop computer. So what do you do? Explore your new surroundings, or go about setting up an on-line creative catalogue? For Rhett Dashwood, creator of Heavy Backpack, the choice was simple…

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